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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Check Whether The Gas Subsidy Money Is Coming In The Bank Account

Check whether the gas subsidy money is coming in the bank account
Many of you will be getting subsidy on LPG cylinders. Under Subsidy Scheme, customers get LPG cylinders at a fixed price and afterwards some amount is returned to the bank account as subsidy.

The problem arises when we do not know whether the money is coming in the account or not, and how much is coming? Let’s tell you a way today.
Firstly, write www.mylpg.in in your smartphone’s browser. Now you will find the names of gas companies on the right, click on the name of their service provider. After this you will be asked for LPG ID and registered mobile number. After this, you have to enter the financial year like 2016-17 or 2017-18. After this, you will get subsidy details
I this, you will get information about how much and how much amount of subsidy was put in your account, and if you do not get the subsidy money in your account then you can also make a complaint by clicking the Feedback button.
If you have not linked your LPG ID to the account, then you can solve this problem by joining the distributor. Also, you can make a complaint by calling 18002333555 for free.

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